Matches made in heaven

My good pal Lisa and I, at school.

San Francisco Education Fund Blog

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the unexpected friendships that have formed between some of our volunteers and teachers. We sat down with a handful of our volunteer/teacher pairs to talk about how their partnership has unfolded since they started working together. Check back each day this week for a new story.

A dynamic duo: Mark Freeman and Lisa Bishop

Inside jokes. Witty banter. Completing each other’s sentences. It’s what’s expected after 18 years together, right? That’s how long volunteer Mark Freeman has worked alongside Ms. Lisa Bishop. In that time, they’ve worked at four schools and shared their passion for hands-on learning with hundreds of students. They’re both happily married (to other people), but form quite the dynamic duo in the classroom.

Q: How were you paired with Lisa?

Mark: Your organization looked at my background and said, ‘Oh, we think we know somebody you might enjoy volunteering…

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